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Feline-Tail Petcare Co., Ltd.

We are the distributor, retailer and wholesaler in Taiwan.
Our team has over 10-years’ experience in pet market.
Not only we sell our products to the pet-shops and clinics, but also we have the owned pet shops and online shops. In the same time, we have plenty of consumers' information and the specific channel. Such as “the online shop”, it is TOP one in Taiwan. We would be easy to introduce our products to them directly, such as the new products or messages.” They would get more information and the correct one from us. In the same time, the pet shops would be accepted our products more quickly and easily.
In the pet shop channel, we have 7 owned pet shops. 

From 2011, we started to find and import the pet products from oversea. Right now we have imported and distributed more products.
There are:
1.pet food –Health Extension and VeRUS from USA, Hug Dog food, Snappy Tom and KUCINTA cat food from Thailand , VitaLife from Canada
2.canned food- Snappy Tom & Gourmet Delight, Hug from Thailand, INABA, PETLINE, HAGOROMO from Japan, VitaLife dog wet food from Thailand
3.cat litter (pine, clay, tofu, crystal, paper, corn)- Pestel and Pinnacle Pine from Canada ,and HINOKI cat litter from Japan ,and also clay, crystal litter and tofu litter from China, and Simplicity plus from Canada
4.treat- INABA, HAGOROMO from Japan, VitaLife freeze treat from Canada, VitaLife Jerky from Thailand
5.cleaning produts-MENFORSAN from Spain
6.supplment –Nutri-Vet from USA
7.accessory – cat scratch or toy and other accessory from China
We’re positively searching more and well products for the pet lovers.

Services: pet food,cat litter,pet accessory

Service Zone:North of TWN, Mid of TWN, South of TWN, East of TWN